A unique consulting program for both designers and fashion experts (practice and theory combined)

For the first time famous Italian designers including Roberta Giacobbe (Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani) , Francesco Paulillo (Saint Laurent, Prada, Gianni Versace), Emanuela Gastaldi (Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Roberto Botticelli), Annarita Celano (Pandora, Mauro Grifoni) form a team to pass on their unique expertise to their Russian colleagues. By displaying mastery and refining the quality of the collections they regard the practices of the best Fashion Houses. This international creative team will become a place, where every novel or craving for more designer will find practical support, create or change collection, bearing in mind the leading global practices and get the feedback from the high-rank professionals.

If you are

A practicing designer suffering from writer’s/creative block (e.g. unsold collection or lack of ideas);

A novice designer having tones of ideas but no vision of their actulization;

An experienced local designer dreaming of conquering the global fashion industry;

An expert in the field of fashion;

What makes our consulting project stand out among the rest is the combination of theoretical foundatiton, that all modern educational programmes offer, and expert guidance.
You will definitely acquire new skills and knowledge in the field of fashion history, the basics of modern fashion processes and fashion analytics. In addition to this, you will get an invaluable real practice in Italian atelier. The team of experts will guide you through the whole process of creating truly modern, fashionable and selling collection, helping in developing your brand and presenting it at Fashion Week. Our programme has no alternatives in the market as our practicing consultants guarantee an individual approach to every single case.

Global fashion community demands a competent staff with a fresh outlook, those who are ready to make collections tailored to meet the needs and wants of consumers. Our professionals will help you to heal the wound of every modern designer – irrelevance. Your items could be extremely creative, but not eco-friendly or contrary to political or climate conditions.


Novel designers – at the very outset of your fashion career it is extremely useful to know the structure of the fashion industry and the details that worth your attention to perform your gift and take stand in the world of fashion. Our mentors will accompany you in this interesting journey starting with a swing of scissors and ending with the presentation of your own collection. You will be guided by the european designers, who worked with such well-known brands as Giorgio Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Pandora, Roberto Cavalli, Casadei, Brunello Cucinelli, Elie Saab, Cavalli, Rochas, Saint Laurent, Tom Ford and many others. As a bonus you will master producer skills and get some extra information on how to present your collection in the most effective and efficient way.

Professional designers and brand directors – you will acquire an analytical skill to thoroughly examine your items from relevance perspective, gain new knowledge in the field of marketing and brand development. A close interaction with experts will help to discover how to make a collection which will capture the hearts of your target consumers. The authors of the course filled the program with various topics including insider information on buyers’ sessions, work experience with wholesalers, retailing and marketplaces. The most important feature of the course is the chance of an internship in France or Italy where you can make a top collection with the help of leading specialists.

Fashion Experts – theory and practice that form the basis of the consulting program will be beneficial for fashion photographers, sewing masters, fashion historians, fashion columnists and editors of fashion magazines.


1. Professional guidance through the whole process of developing and advancing your collection at the global scale. From a sketch in pencil or Photoshop draft to Fashion Week.

2. An expert-lead internship in an Italian or French atelier. You will be an active participant of a real modern production. You will know everything about the sewing items production. Hours of invaluable experience is waiting for you.

3. Relevant skills to make fashion photography (lookbook concept and how it works), topicality forecast of the produced items, marketing, budgeting, staff recruitment, the formation of proper and successful portfolio

4. Knowledge of both the fashion history and state-of-the-art fashion processes. You will be able to decipher modern trends, learn the concept of brand collaboration, recognize foreign and domestic fashion photographers and analyze competitors.

5. You will enter the world of fashion and secure your own place.

Pay special attention to the following: we offer an individual consulting – you do not have to join groups (average price for it – 30.000 €/year), your learning will be provided in accessible format. For example, Russian designer, realizing that he lacks skills necessary to present a collection, may purchase relevant service and fly to Italy, afterwards presenting his collection successfully at Fashion Week.

Worthy, meaningfully, professionally!


Our team consists of the best of the best

Annarita Celano

(Pandora, Mauto Grifoni, M Missoni, Brunello Cucinelli)


Francesco Paulillo

(Saint Laurent, Prada, Gianni Versace)


Emanuela Gastaldi

(Chloe, Roberto Cavalli, Roberto Botticelli)


Roberta Giacobbe

Giorgio Armani)



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