My book


Every woman wants to be happy. Happiness depends largely on beauty, and beauty, in turn, depends on the presentation of yourself and the right wardrobe.

But how to understand the many articles on the Internet? In this book, women and girls will find a lot of useful life tips on how to properly form a winning wardrobe, regardless of income level.

Taking into account the psychological aspect and the concept of self, this book will put all the dots on the question of «nothing to wear» and help women become the best version of themselves, based on the experience of their compatriots.
She will teach you the simple rules of shopping, explain how to separate style from fashion trends, and help you create a successful image depending on the request.

Do you want to look beautiful and appropriate in any situation, to reveal and realize yourself through fashion? Then this book is for you! It will become your guide to the world of fashion. In the present, with the support of the past, we will create your beautiful future.



A graduate of the London College of Fashion, a regular guest of Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan, a friend of fashionable Italian, French and English brands. I know all about the intricacies of the fashion industry, because I have been at its epicenter for more than 10 years.

— Stylist and creative consultant — I always know what’s on trend;
— Member of the team of buyers of the Moscow TSUM, St. Petersburg DLT and Mercury — I see the fashion industry from the inside;
— Author and creator of the project about fashion – I consider it my goal to help women become better;
— Editor-in-chief of the fashion portal about fashion and beauty — popularize fashion;
— Insider on the topics of fashion and style of the project — I view fashion through the prism of psychology;
— Columnist, speaker at fashion events — I guide women and girls in their desire to improve their style, and with it, life itself. After all, once upon a time, fashion changed my personal life story.



The topic of fashion is always in demand, which is confirmed by the number of blogs on the topic, and the statistics of search engines. There are many stylists and people who teach this art, but most of them do not have a real background. «Seeing enough» of fashion (as they do) and professional education with many years of experience in the industry (as I do) contain a different depth of knowledge. In the book market today, there are not enough books on style and fashion written by Russian specialists, and it is really important to have a common mentality with the reader. Fashion in Russia came late, and I cover it in the most relevant period.
Not everyone can afford to have a highly qualified personal stylist, but everyone can afford to become the best version of themselves with the help of my book!